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Die-Hard Classics

Our crew of lifelong animation enthusiasts is ready to develop original content in every shape and size. 
From epic feature films to binge-worthy series, interactive games, and in-depth character and world-building, we're here to bring your wildest dreams to life!

Final Frontier Entertainment was born from our passion for storytelling and novel ideas, paired with our decades-long expertise in producing the most iconic and awarded commercial work. 

When partnering up for original creations, our primary focus is Production Services for 2D animation and IP Development.

As creatives and animation experts, we are always open to any new challenge our beloved industry shoots our way. From production to its pre & post-phases and audio, we manage the complete pipeline to ensure the best — always.

Production Service

We Join forces with the most talented creators and networks to produce high-quality feature films, series and short films with our rock-solid 2D pipeline. Our creative-driven approach marries seamlessly with our robust production processes, allowing us to deliver great storytelling on time and budget with the best artists in the different continents of our multiple locations.


We’re constantly playing around characters, settings, and stories, choosing carefully which we will unleash out in to the world. Although most are still secret, here you’ll find a couple of FF Originals that are beginning to emerge from the drawing board and on to the screen.  All are open for enquiries.

Branded Shorts

We apply all our entertainment knowledge and skills into the creation of short animated films that take brand’s messages into deeper, more meaningful viewing experiences. After all, audiences more than ever look for organic, sincere, and warm connections with companies — that’s exactly where we go in with incredible stories to tell.