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3i - Intelligent Vacuum

December 12th 2023

Final Frontier and FRAME crafted the luxurious new product film for cutting-edge home technology brand, 3i.  

Far from merely visualising the form and functions of the device, through gentle lighting and opulent 3D elements, the 30” piece elevates the distinctive wine-red and gold Intelligent Vacuum to a stylish decorative accessory for the sophisticated modern home.  

3i aspires to redefine the boundaries of both product innovation and design. As testament to that mission, to craft its new autonomous robotic vacuum device the Shenzhen-based company collaborated with renowned designer, Damian O’Sullivan, who has previously created luxury home goods for brands like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès.

To craft the visual narrative, we drafted Danish design and animation masters, FRAME. Final Frontier EP Eric Zheng says,

"With a design-driven brief calling for tech sophistication with a luxury aesthetic, FRAME’s Nordic sensibility and high-end product-centric storytelling was the only choice. The client was eager to emphasise the Intelligent Vacuum’s sleek design, and in doing so help establish their brand identity. Besides that guiding light, we were given a lot of freedom to play. We had a lot of fun exploring."

Opening with an intimate focus and product reveal, the film goes on to employ the golden architectural lines on the Vacuums’s surface as the central narrative tool, weaving the viewer on an abstract visual journey through the device’s elegant design, highlighting the refined aesthetics and high-tech capabilities.

FRAME creative director Andreas Ibsen says:

"It was an exciting opportunity to work with 3D as a graphical tool where we wouldn't be confined by realistic environments and material behaviour. The design of the product was very atypical for what we usually do, so it was fun trying to bring that design onto the environment in a playful manner. 

In terms of vision, there was a full focus on the design of the product. We didn't have specific features to cover so we wanted to frame the product with an environment that felt like an extension of the most prominent design detail of the product.  A typical pitfall without features driving a film forward, is that it quickly becomes a static experience. We wanted the film to feel like a very easy ride without being gimmicky."

Discussing the challenges, Ibsen says,

"The last shot is always a challenge. Sometimes it's just there in the first round and sometimes you have to go back and forth a lot. This time was a case of the latter but we're very pleased with how it ended up. The last scene is our favourite, because it was so hard.  It's about finding uniqueness with very few tools available.  Finding the right balance in the art direction was also definitely a challenge. It needed to be bright and burgundy at the same time which quickly turned pink."

Eric Zheng add,

"The final scene took rounds of development to come up with an idea that would not only allow the product to stand out, but also provide a meaningful layout and composition to finish the story.  We love the result we achieved.  The client was a fantastic collaborative partner, and FRAME really showed their creative mastery and decades of experience in helping us get to a gorgeous result."

3i executive producer Wu Yuhong says:

"We’re totally blown away.  We love how the film finds order-in-complexity, by discovering the simple beauty of duplicating the pattern in steps.  We especially appreciate the gold lines that become increasingly complex, and we love the movement of the light, how it dances and plays on the product.  It’s an amazing piece that far surpassed our expectations.  It was wonderful to cooperate with Final Frontier."

The film, along with an accompanying documentary about the brand’s cooperation with Damian O’Sullivan, launched on Chinese social platforms Weibo, WeChat, RED, and various e-commerce platforms.  


Production Company: Final Frontier
Direction, Design, Animation: FRAME
Executive Producer: Chris Colman, Gus Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski, Eric Zheng
Executive Creative Director: Claus Cibils
Project Manager: Bella Jiang
Head of Production: Mary Antonieta Lopez
Creative Team: Agustina Kröl, Natalia Fernandez, Sid Osna
Music & Sound Design: Kenton Slash Demon

Client: 3i
Director & Supervisor: Yang Yong, Wu Zexiao, Yang Kaiqi
Producer: Wu Yuhong
Executive Producer: Chen Meng, Li Chuqi, Lai Huanxin, Guo Zi, Wei Hongfu