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An FF Cosmic Love Story for Hermès

March 23rd 2022

We've had the pleasure of collaborating with artist management and creative agency Hugo & Marie and director Merijn Hos to craft a cosmic love story featuring Hermès products making unexpected connections throughout the galaxy.

The director shot real products, applied layers of grain and texture, and composited them among his luscious, multicolored illustrations for a delicate series of short animations and still scenes.

Released during Valentine’s Day, the campaign titled ‘All In One Love’ sought to captivate young audiences and inspire romantic gift ideas, while avoiding the clichés commonly associated with the international day of love.

Reflecting on the project, director Merijin Hos says,

“The main challenge was to find the right balance between the products and the artwork…I absolutely love the results of our cosmic love story. For example, the scene where the little silver horse falls into the cloth. It feels adventurous and serene at the same time.”

He adds,

“I loved how open Hermès was to the imperfections in the grain - which I also love. It gives the artwork a handmade feel. It’s hard to believe that an old photocopy machine from the 1980s that I found in the trash was the foundation for this work.”

The ethereal sound design was composed by long-time Final Frontier maestro, Facundo Capece.

Final Frontier executive producer, Chris Colman, says,

“We love to work on projects like this, which sit at the intersection of art, design, animation, advertising, and luxury.  It’s a beautiful series of pieces.” 



Production Company: Final Frontier
Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece
Artist Management Agency: Hugo & Marie
Director: Merijn Hos
Client: Hermès