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About Love & Balance

July 13th 2023

Our new film with Le Cube, “About Love & Balance”, is a love letter to love itself, and the relationship dynamics that span its origins, trials, and heartfelt conclusions.  Through delicate choreography and gentle intertwining of art, illustration, and animation, the film navigates us through this complex emotion.

The short also serves as the foundation and inspiration for an exhibition at Final Frontier’s Silk Gallery, exploring the delicate equilibrium between tenderness and strength through the lens of 13 graphic artists.  

Le Cube creative director Santiago Oddis says, “I lost myself thinking about all my past relationships and how often they have had their own structure: good, bad, loving, boring, passive, aggressive, energetic, and so on. Still, I found all of them have this common thread, balancing of emotions. That kept me going, and I started crafting this animation.” 

The film artfully explores the intricate dance that unfolds between souls, interweaving visual motifs of affection and tenacity. It invites contemplation on the profound themes of both letting go and holding on, immersing the audience in an ever-changing, enchanting spectacle of animated artistry.

Oddis says, “I was not trying to send a specific message about love or balance but rather looking for people to get their own meaning from it, just like a good song would do. With that idea in mind, I wanted to play with this animation by using fragments of situations that can both evoke the subject and escape the traditional storytelling format.”

Le Cube executive producer Fer Soma says, “This was such a special project for all of us at Le Cube.  Nowadays relationships and the way we connect as humans has evolved so much. After the pandemic it felt like a worthy message to bring to life how love can be expressed in so many different ways. It’s not always what we want it to be, it doesn’t have to be perfect or romanticized or stereotyped, as we’re used to seeing in the old movies. These relationships may work for a longer or shorter periods of time, but self and collective love is the kind of relationships we as humans will experience for a lifetime. Sometimes a hug is all we need to make it through the day. Hopefully this kind of love comes through and touches the audience.”

Opening to coincide with Madrid Pride week, the exhibition features pieces by 13 carefully selected artists with a background in animation and working at the intersection of the commercial and the artistic, visualising their unique interpretations of the challenges inherent in finding symmetry in love. 


Produced by Final Frontier
Director: Santiago Oddis
Assistant Director: Agostina Carrera
EP: Fernanda Soma, Juanma Freire, Gustavo Karam
Line Producers: Sofia Arissian, Sofia Teodoro
Art Director: Santiago Oddis
Clean up Supervisor: Laura Desmery
Animatic: Fede Radero
Lead illustrator: Santiago Oddis
Additional Illustrators: Lucas Andreu, Gianluca Patti, Bitasi Santos
Animators: Ignacio Ochoa, Facu Garcia, Juan Nacht, Yas Hanna, Agos Salvemini, Ema Knight, Cintia Czeszczewik, Carlos Carranza, Guadalupe Vyleta, Leo Dias
Comp: Fer LaMattina, Adrian Mirandeborde
Music and SFX: Facundo Capece


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