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CLIO Awards - Forever Bold

May 1st 2024

A new edition of CLIO Awards 2024 - one of the world's most relevant international Advertising awards - has been celebrated in the bustling heart of NYC. Since 1959, CLIO Awards have been known for, once a year, becoming the place, the moment : honoring creative excellence in advertising, communications and marketing, and setting a spotlight for top-notch work, not only in the US, but on a global scale. 

That’s why we would like to think of them more than an award; instead, more like an institution and as such: an industry-shifter one; fostering a spirit of collaboration and encouraging professionals to aim higher, raising the bar for what can be achieved.

This drive resonated on so many levels with us, having the chance to develop the campaign FOREVER BOLD for their 2024 edition. We embraced CLIO's boldness with a loud message, rich designs, and fearless animation for the campaign to speak volumes. A perfect fit for us, following our landing on the US market last year and giving us the fertile ground to continue growing in this market.

Developed by Final Frontier’s creative team, FOREVER BOLD works not just as a concept: It is a statement and a commitment to the ideas, creators, and everything new. It's about living at that moment constantly by breaking through and not standing still. 

Trend-wise, bold is purposefully malleable. FOREVER BOLD means never settling and always striving for what makes us tick. 

Exploring the idea that forever it takes time, forever it takes work, but it is worth it. Continuous effort over time keeps elevating the industry consciousness. 

By resilience and reconstruction, we wanted to embed CLIO's 2024 Awards, with this FOREVER BOLD spirit.

We love curating films and campaigns with multiple styles. We did it again following our well-known modus operandi alla Final Frontier: we set up a powerful mix of directorial talent, a special line-up of established names and up-and-coming ones too, from all over the globe, spiced by the diverse expertise from each one: Pablo Alfieri/ Chroma Bureau, Andrea Devia-Nuño, Yukai Du, Juan Behrens, Lobster, Bernardo Henning, Daniel Semanas, Verso Studio & Dirty Work

Each artist infused the film working on its own visual language, resulting in a collective-made, multi-style, eclectic extravaganza, perfect visual resource for portraying the essence of the different stages of the creative process. From 3D CGI, to 2D traditional cell animation, we wanted to build 2024 CLIO's identity, as a chameleonic one, visually diverse and always evolving, maybe like our world nowadays.

For the sound design our partners in crime were our friends from Antfood who with their expertise, triggered the emotional spectrum that we want to target, enhancing the campaign’s message and  taking the film to new heights.

The film serves as a metaphor for the creative process, beginning with the initial spark of an idea when one is unsure of what to create but catches a glimpse of something intriguing. It starts with the genesis of an idea, still raw and uncertain. Notably, in the opening scene, there is no manipulation of the idea; there is only a fleeting glimpse of its essence and the potential possibilities it holds.

In the subsequent scene, we witness the manipulation and transformation of the idea, symbolizing the moment when the creative mind becomes intertwined with the creative process itself. Yukai’s scene triggers one of the most interesting moments of conceptualization - experimentation inherent in the creative process, as well as the journey through multiple “portals” until the final result is achieved.

Metaphors abound throughout the film, with the rustic stone being likened to an idea in its raw form, gradually shaped and refined into a polished diamond, a constant icon throughout the narrative, representing the culmination of the creative process. 

We are CLIO Awards
We are Forever Bold.
The stage where the underdog shines with fearless ideas.
Where social campaigns get the deserved spotlight and memorable messages echo far and wide.
Where audacious up-and-comers become unstoppable household names.
Where brave creatives are celebrated for genuinely pushing the envelope.
Where committed judges drive the industry forward and change the game.
Where courageous clients kick the door open to powerful, outrageous creativity.
Where unbridled resilience and multicultural ideas become inspiring journeys for global audiences.
We are the never-ending ode to boundary-shattering, disruptive, and unapologetic concepts.
CLIO Awards belong to a BOLD industry, but it's on YOU to embrace, build and nurture a FOREVER BOLD world.
BOLD is a trend. A catch-all, a buzzword.
Everything and everyone is BOLD.
For us, it's not a choice.
It's intrinsic; it's in our DNA.
We make a stand and go beyond the Hype
expanding the conception, elevating it sky-high.
We are BOLD
CLIO Awards are a celebration of creative moxie,
industry-driving audacity, year-round fearless empowerment.
FOREVER BOLD is a journey, stretching from 1959 into the future.
FOREVER BOLD conquests.
FOREVER BOLD is fearless creation and the courage to start back again. 
FOREVER BOLD is building from scratch, and the vision to tear down and reinvent.
We are CLIO Awards.



Creation and Production: Final Frontier
Creative Direction: Claus Cibils, Dauquen Chabeldin, Diego Rojas, Ralph Karam 
Poster Artists: Jordy Blu Moo, Lucas Tunde, Lui Nogueira, Piki Farelli and Ralph Karam. 
Executive Production: Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski
Head of Production: Mary Antonieta Lopez
Producer: Julia Francucci 
Production Assistant: Santiago Antin
Creative Team: Agustina Kröl, Natalia Fernandez, Sid Osna
PR: Guillermina Gómez

General Director: Ralph Karam
Script: Sid Osna and Agus Kroll
VO: Marian Mills

Music Production Company: Antfood Music & Sound Design
Creative Directors: Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo e Tiago Mago
Executive Producers:  Renato Castro e Christiane Rachel
Music Producers: Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo, Tiago Mago, Luis Bergmann, Vinicius Nunes e Lucas Baldin
Producers: Fernando Ianni e Monique Munhoz
Mixing Engineers-Sound Designers: Bruno Broaska, Fabian Jorge e Pablo Homem de Mello

Directors (by order of appearance):

[] Pablo Alfieri / Chroma Bureau
Design and Animation team: Alex Levinton, Borja Alegre, Macs Riedel, Naty Lara, Twisted Mountain Animation.

[] Andrea Devia-Nuño

Assistant Director:  Agostina Carrera
Design and Animation team: Santiago Oddis, Bruno Brasil, Denis Bargos | 3D Animation: Lui Nogueira,
Agostina Carrera | Comp: Lui Nogueira

[] Yukai Du 
Design and Animation team: Yukai Du, Fernando Lamatina.

[] Juan Behrens 

[] Lobster

Director: Nikolay Ivanov
Design and Animation team: Teodor Hristov

[] Bernardo Henning
Design and Animation team: Bernardo Henning, Margherita Premuroso 

[] Daniel Semanas 

[] Verso Studio
Design and Animation team: Diego Gastelut, Javier García Munuera, Nicolás Basílico Miara

[] Dirty Work
Director: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal
Executive Producer: Ito Andery 
Account Director: Larissa Virco
Head of production: Jéssica Sales
Animatic: Jefferson Lima
Illustrator: Fernando Molina, Mika Ramalho
Animation Director: Jefferson Lima Traditional
Animation: Jeff Lima, João Maurício Batista, Julia Balthazar, Renatoons, Daiane Mateus, Brenda Maryan
3D Generalist: Douglas Benvenutti, Raul Cawalcanti
3D Animation: Caique Moretto, Douglas Benvenutti
Render: Douglas Benvenutti | Motion/comp: Caique Moretto.