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Pablo Alfieri's Silky Smooth Motion for Zhiben

September 6th 2021

FF’s long-term collaboration with skincare brand Zhiben has kicked off with the first in a multi-film series, directed by Pablo Alfieri.

The 30-second 3D motion graphics piece introduces the brand’s new Dermal Defender range of products. Alfieri will also creative direct the entire forthcoming series of films, with each piece introducing new products, all set for launch in 2021.

Zhiben is a Chinese skincare brand founded in 2012. The Dermal Defender film features five products: 3-in-1 serum, emulsion, healing cream, facial mist, and cleansing foam.

Pablo, founder and creative director of Barcelona studio Playful, reflects back on the production:

Vision: Our idea was to elevate Zhiben to the next level, crafting a new, natural, and fresh personality to their products, keeping a sense of coherence and visual consistency across all the films to come. We took care to find a clean and minimalistic art direction, and abstract storytelling driven by organic animations and clever transitions.

Challenges: Creating a film that appeals to a natural, fresh, and organic world without being able to use any asset other than the products was quite a challenge. Through natural sunlight, the presence of water caustics, and that perfect sense of spatial sensibility, I feel we really brought Zhiben’s personality to life.

Music: The cherry on top was the amazing, magical sound design by Smider that matches perfectly with our organic, playful, and impactful animations.

Reflections: As a boutique CGI studio we aim to always bring that Playfulstyle that makes each film unique with its own personality. Once again, we are proud to bring to life something fresh and entertaining to watch. It reflects perfectly our sense of balance between a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

FF executive producer Chris Colman says:
“It was a relatively open brief, to begin with, so we needed a director who would be able to help discover, craft and drive the visual direction, working closely with the client creatives. Pablo was the undisputed top choice from day one. We were excited to work with him and the experience has more than lived up to our expectations. He’s a genuine world-class talent. Big thanks go to the Zhiben team, who have been a pleasure to work with.”


Production: Final Frontier
Director: Pablo Alfieri
Music: Smider
Client: Zhiben