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Final Frontier produces launch film for Singapore Personal Access App

August 3rd 2021

Final Frontier and The Secret Little Agency collaborated to create the launch film for the new Singpass app, a palm-of-your-hand solution developed by the Singaporean government to make the lives of citizens easier. 


Co-directed by Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela, widely known for his Mr. Kat universe, in collaboration with Buenos Aires-based studio,, the film sees the diverse cast of characters take advantage of tech solutions provided by the new Singpass digital ID to make the demands of everyday life easier and safer.

On the international aspect of the process, the Buda team highlights that “if a few years ago we had thought of a project for Singapore, directed from Buenos Aires, with production in Shanghai, art and animation from Peru & Spain, and development from Argentina, it would have seemed crazy to us. Today it has become our way of working”.

Jaime Sobreviela adds about the collaboration: “the process with Final Frontier makes the work so much easier, always feeling supported and allowing space to create while keeping every part of the production covered and on schedule. We can work in different regions of the world and yet feel like we live next door!”

Because the project needed to speak directly to Singaporeans on an everyday level, the team had to dive deep into the local culture and people. “I loved discovering about Singapore: the fabulous HDBs, the dragon playground, the colorful shophouses, gardens and so much more!”, explains Jaime. 

For Buda, “the biggest challenge in this project, which was fundamental and at the same time the one we enjoyed the most, was to work alongside the agency in Singapore to get this understand of customs, forms, and daily landscape, so that each object on the scene would fit in the daily life of its inhabitants”, the team concludes. 


Agency: The Secret Little AgencyProduction Co: Final Frontier
Direction: Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela &
Executive Producer: Gus Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski and Ryan Shanholtzer
Project Manager: Julia Francucci
Line Producer: Ignacio Godoy
Art Assistant: Malena De Luca
Art Direction: Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela
Animation Director: Martín Dasnoy
3D Look Dev: Dalmiro Buigues
Animation: Golem
3D Modeling: Matías Sánchez, Agustín Páez, Marcelo Pepice, Julio Velázquez
3D Shading: Dalmiro Buigues, Matías Sánchez, Agustín Páez, Marcelo Pepice  
Tyflow: Julián Cook, Martín Dasnoy
Lighting & Render: Dalmiro Buigues, Matías Sánches, Marcelo Pepice  
Composition: Dalmiro Buigues
Production: Ignacio Godoy  
Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece
VO: Fuse Asia