Final Frontier's Intergalactic Battle Epic for Acer

August 12th 2019

Final Frontier collaborated with Shanghai agency We Are Social to deliver a mixed media intergalactic battle epic for Acer’s new Predator gaming system, directed by Paulo Garcia from Zombie Studio.


Executive producer Gustavo Karam worked closely with We Are Social from the beginning to shape the creative concept in which a tribe of human warriors equipped with heavy-duty cooling weapons set out to retake a planet overrun with a swarm of horrific heat creatures - reflecting the Predator’s unique heat-battling technology.

Karam also collaborated closely with the agency and director to establish feasibility for the 3D design and production process.  He explains, 

"It was a joy to work with Khlauss, Nathan and the entire We Are Social team while the concept was still in the embryonic phase.  Working together at that stage, it was truly a partnership, in which our experience and insights could really help from both a creative and a production standpoint. It meant we could foresee the challenges ahead, ensured a really smooth process and, most importantly, led to a spectacular result. 

Final Frontier drafted director Paulo Garcia and Brazilian studio Zombie to handle the direction of the character and world design, the 3D builds, animation, and visual effects.

“We relished the opportunity to create this world and be part of this fantastic narrative that we humans are reclaiming a colony planet,” says Garcia, adding, “The challenge was to bring the creatures and humans to the screen as realistically as possible, making sure they would all move in a believable way, developing fight choreography, understanding how each of the lava tribe characters would move, attack, and how each hero would join the battle in a collaborative way to ensure victory.

Karam paid tribute to Garcia and the team at Zombie, saying, “Working with Paulo and Zombie team was a great experience. Their impeccable direction and execution ensured the final piece was something special."

Karam says: “There are so many benefits to shooting in Brazil and Latin America. Final Frontier is one of the few companies positioned in Asia to make such international production possible, in this case connecting, China and Taiwan with South America.”



  • Agency - We Are Social
  • Group Creative Director - Khlauss Feldhaus
  • Creative Director - Jason Breen
  • Group Account Director - Nathan Baker
  • Account Manager - Kristina Knut
  • Producer - William Yang
  • Client approval - Wolfgang Hsu
  • Production Company - Final Frontier 
  • Executive Producer - Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski, Chris Colman
  • Producer - Marcio Lovato
  • Live Action Executive Producer - Felipe Claudino
  • Line Producer - Enzo Balbinot
  • Animation Studio - Zombie Studio
  • Director - Paulo Garcia
  • Creative Director - Daniel Salles
  • Studio Executive Producer- Natalia Gouvêa 
  • Producer - Antonela Castro, Leticia Harumi
  • Account Services - Stefanie Dias 
  • Finance - Alessandra Cena
  • Production Director - Nayla Kols 
  • Concept Artist - Estevão Teuber, Feppa Rodrigues, Marcelo Garcia, Anna Caiado, Marcelo Fahd 
  • Storyboard - Saulo Brito, Marcelo Fahd 
  • CG Supervisor - Yohann da Geb 
  • Lead Compositor - Yohann da Geb 
  • Composition - Gustavo Rangel Adriana Cardozo Wallan Oliveira 
  • Look Development / Lighting - Claudio Junior, Thiago Peyon, Mauricio Gomes, Mauricio Alvarenga, Gustavo Rangel 
  • Editor - Yohann da Geb 
  • COLOR GRADING - Psycho n' Look
  • T.I. - Gabriel Paixão
  • Modelling - Mauricio Sampaio, Danilo Gerard, Steferson Rocha, Tiago Oliveira 
  • Set Dressing - Tiago Oliveira 
  • Digital Matte Painting - Adriana Cardozo 
  • Rigging - Kippcase Rigging Studio 
  • Animation Director - Bruno Monteiro 
  • Animators - Conrado Testa, Francisco Catão, Michel Denis Da silva, Matheus Caetano, Rodrigo Dutra, Marcos Elias, Igor Copelli, Hanrry Pschera, Bruno Santos, Christian Weckl, Leonidas Maciel 
  • Technical Supervisor CGI - Wallan Oliveira
  • Assembler Animation - Lucas Mirkai
  • VFX Artists - Guilherme Casagrande Marco Melantonio
  • Cloth Simulation - Gustavo Rangel
  • Crowd Simulation - Wallan Oliveira
  • Motion -
  • Music & Sound Production - Cachorro Loco
  • Composer - Facundo Capece 
  • Sound design - Lola Richter