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Magna Mater & Playful’s CG Magic

November 12th 2021

Written and directed by Pablo Alfieri, founder of Barcelona-based collective Playful, Magna Mater is a Nowness-released ode to mother nature starring Cosmo, a completely computer-generated, ultra-realistic character that traverses incredible landscapes.

A statement on how beautifully far the team was able to take their art, Magna Mater is a bioluminescent journey of mystery to fill eyes and minds in glorious CG visuals — created in collaboration with more than twenty multidisciplinary artists from around the world. 

Pablo Alfieri says,
“Through this piece, we seek the disruption of old structures–a different way to do digital art which is based on the trust of experimentation and months of crazy and stunning revelations.”

“The story aims to inspire people to have a close connection with Mother Nature,” Pablo adds. “The CGI art film puts the focus on nature and acts as an ode to the dancing ritual practices of old civilizations.”