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Silk Gallery 'Geometric Landscapes' an exhibition by Jerry-Lee Bosmans

April 29th 2024

"Geometric Landscapes" by Jerry-Lee Bosmans marks the inaugural exhibition of Across the Border - Silk's Pop-Up Sessions, as part of our forever-evolving Final Frontier family, landing straight-ahead into the striking cultural hub of Shanghai. 

In the hybrid space between design and contemporary art, Jerry-Lee Bosmans emerges as a referential figure, with his powerful graphic artworks. 

Hailing from Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Bosmans's work is distinguished by its bold compositions and vibrant palette, taking viewers into a polychromatic and kinetic experience.

In the pivotal year of 2020, Bosmans embarked on a personal journey of visual experimentation. With each passing day, he has been pushing the boundaries of his craft and evolving continuously with innovative techniques and styles. 

For the artist, visual experiments serve as a playground for discovery and growth. Each experiment is an opportunity to play with form, color, texture, and composition when manipulating digital tools. 

While his oeuvre bears nods to established traditions such as optical art, graphic posters, and geometric abstraction, it's the meticulous attention to detail that defines his powerful style. His compositions work as an interplay of shapes and hues, like a visual harmony.

In an era defined by modernity's flux and fluidity, Bosmans' work acts as a calm space. His delicate compositions and meditative phrases take us to a poetic realm where time flows at a different speed. 

Jerry-Lee Bosmans is a visual artist and designer based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He creates graphic art, often characterized by vibrant color and bold compositions. In 2020, he began his personal project to discover new visual techniques and styles through daily experiments, giving birth through this process to his “Geometric Landscapes” that we are featuring today. With his work, he aims to inspire others by introducing more color into everyday life.

Across the Border - Silk’s Pop-Up Sessions 

As part of our Final Frontier family, Silk Gallery drew new cartographies with Across the Border- its Pop-up Sessions in Shanghai, inspired by our established 2018 Shanghai & Singapore offices, which have allowed us to work since then, for one of Asia's most exciting industries. A borderless strategy, because beyond is our only frontier.

Accompanied by this fluidity concept, Silk finds the possibilities for exhibitions endless, with all spaces and places being potential venues. Each location serves as a new canvas for the Silk team to creatively connect across the globe.

In its usual energetic spirit, Silk Gallery jumps into the world, exploring these endless possibilities, aiming to build and crystallize a moment where graphic artists are currently blurring the borders between design, illustration, and contemporary art.

Huge thanks to Jerry-Lee Bosmans for sharing his incredible body of work.

We're humble to be able to feature a spotlight on outstanding artists from all over and give their work more visibility, opening a dialogue between the digital, the physical and our global community of makers and dreamers.

And, of course, we're super grateful to our Shanghai & Singapore teams and everyone who made it possible and  joined us at the show! These kinds of venues discharge on us the amazing creative energy to continue making what we love most! 

Stay inspired and in tune to our next adventure! 

See yia’ all around! Xiè Xiè!

Photos: Yisen Yang.

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