Year WIth Uber

March 1st 2018

Packed with a base of 5,000 story and song combinations, ‘Year with Uber’ allows each user to generate content that are location-specific and unique. That is why users in Thailand will see tuk-tuks, encounter tai-tais (wealthy aunties) in Singapore, the iconic Melbourne Cup and Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks in Australia, the national sport of cricket in India. Festivals and holidays like Ramadan, Christmas and Deepavali, is also featured.

Each user has a different experience up to Two and a Half minutes of video totally customized depending on the personal history of rides of 2017. “Scenes and lyrics are directly informed by user trip data, making each film one of a kind. We built an engine interpreting that data and selecting accordingly the visuals and lyrics, stitching them all together to create the final film.” says R/GA creative director, Cyril Louis.

If you are based in the Asia Pacific, you can have the full experience on this link

Talking about inspirations for the film, Ralph Karam, Le Cube’s creative director says “Definitely Super Nintendo games like Street Fighter II and Final Fight from the 90’s were on the inspirational board. Also, there are tons of references from the Animes, mainly in the animation style. The mood and feeling are of being in an Asian street market: lots of information, people from all kind and different traits, hospitable and full of sensations, flavors, and colors. Such an invigorating mess to delight your senses.”

The core of the characters reflects the idiosyncrasies of several cultures in Asia but at the same time, try to build up those peculiarities into a single universe with an integrated art style.” Also, says Ralph about the characters.

“The ultimate goal of the creative direction was “to remind people of the role Uber plays in their lives and demonstrate how the use of the ridesharing service is a partnership that enables them to move across cities, every day,” says Eshan Ponnadurai, marketing director, APAC at Uber

The creative process required more than 200 scripts before the team landed upon the characters, scenarios, and personalities of Year with Uber’s make- believe universe. “273 seconds of original 2D animation was produced, it was needed around 200 working hours – over four months to have it all done.“ says Gustavo Karam, EP at Final Frontier.

The project is the debut of the newly created production company Final Frontier, that represents directors and animation studios from all over the world in the Asia and Pacific Markets.