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Yifinite - Qìdiàn and Chún Yòu & Chún Ní

March 17th 2023

Final Frontier was invited to create three product films for new makeup brand, Yifinite.   To direct, the production company drafted CG design and animation trendsetters, Serial Cut. 

Each of the three films promotes one of the brand’s first ever products, namely a foundation (titled “Qìdiàn”), a lip gloss and a lipstick (“Chún Yòu & Chún Ní”), and a setting powder (“Sànfěn”).  Sànfěn has yet to launch.

Yifinite is a new brand under Chinese skincare brand, ZHIBEN.  This collaboration brings the total number of Final Frontier films made with ZHIBEN to 12.

Final Frontier executive creative director, Claus Cibils, Serial Cut, founder and creative director, Sergio del Puerto, and the Yifinite team, share their thoughts and insights on the series.


Why launch a makeup brand in China at this point in time? 

Yifinite: Many consumers in China trust and support domestic cosmetics, as they believe that these brands create products tailored specifically to the beauty needs of the market.  We are a brand that prioritizes the product user experience with a focus on practicality, purity and order.  Instead of defining what makeup and beauty should look like, Yifinite recognizes the importance of expression, allowing our  consumers to freely interpret how to apply our products.  We believe that independent and creative individuals can derive infinite meanings through the "tool" of makeup. 


Yifinite: Instead of producing a conventional "commercial" for a new product, the films around our new launches aim to bring viewers a “blank” experience, providing them a fluid space for daydreaming. Yifinite believes in exploring the meaningful and undefined beauty of truth and diversity with our consumers. 

Final Frontier executive creative director, Claus Cibils: For Qìdiàn we needed to showcase the unique qualities of the liquid formula, namely how it moisturizes and adheres flawlessly, making the skin appear more dewy and supple.  The Chún Yòu and Chún Ní lipsticks have two distinct looks, both light and moist; one with an ice cream texture that’s dense and soft; and the other with a silky and luxurious mousse texture. There’s a soft mist feeling that comes with both.


Serial Cut, founder and creative director, Sergio del Puerto: For a beauty film, there are three key points we always consider: 

1) Realism: The film should look realistic and believable thanks to the use of the lighting, textures, and simulations.  That means the technical part is really important, and we usually hire an external team for some complex simulations.

2) Aesthetics: The film should be aesthetically pleasing and convey a sense of beauty. This involves creating a consistent visual style, color palettes and composition.

3) Emotion: The film should evoke emotions in the audience. This requires creating strong and unexpected storytelling.


Claus Cibils: Qìdiàn is all about beautiful, glistening skin, and the client had the idea to show a delicate piece of silk gliding across the product, which felt right with the wavy pattern of the packaging, and also served as an elegant transition element.  We employed the silk element again in Chún Yòu & Chún Ní as a common design element to help unify the series.  Those products are all about eclectic experiences between the lips, so we wanted to show the different texture characteristics, and the unique effects that the change in thickness brings. Chún Yòu is as dense and rich as ice cream and milk foam, yet at the same time feels soft and light as clouds. Chún Ní is as silky and luxurious as satin.

Sergio del Puerto: The ultimate goal was to effectively convey the luxurious nature of the product by highlighting its unique features, such as its delicate texture and its exceptional properties on the skin. The exquisite and serene animation used in the film will serve to elevate the product and reinforce its exceptional qualities. Beauty and delicacy are the key themes that permeate throughout the film, evoking a sense of luxury and sophistication that is sure to resonate with the target audience.


Sergio del Puerto: In terms of process, usually every CG beauty project comes with the concept, and the story that the beauty film will communicate. From there, it's so important to create styleframes and storyboards to help visualize the final film by giving textures and lighting to all the assets and product. This stage can be complex and time-consuming, as it involves creating realistic-looking assets that can convey the desired beauty. The animation phase starts once the storyboard is approved. Then the animation and simulations are crucial to complete the final renders. And of course some post retouch and music will give the final finish.

The key and the challenge was time, to really go deep and develop through many rounds of back and forth a deep understanding of the product, its unique qualities, and the target audience.  Every aspect of the film was carefully considered, from the final product modeling design, and animation style, to the lighting and simulations. With that attention to detail we brought the products to life in a way that truly captures their beauty and luxury. 

The music and SFX are crucial in achieving the delicate feel and beauty of the films.  We were very confident working with Facu, as he understood the tone the client was looking for.


Yifinite: Final Frontier provided a wealth of creative ideas throughout the process, and kept close and efficient communication with our team. The constant and efficient communication enabled a rich and inspiring ideation process.  The flow and extension of packaging details, product texture and the wrinkled silk elements came across really well. Ultimately, the final films beautifully express our key messages around feeling the power of effortless beauty, celebrating diversity, and creating infinite possibilities.

Sergio del Puerto: The result surpassed our initial vision. It’s hard to pick a favourite moment. Each film features iconic moments that we love, whether it be the intricate simulations, elements composition, or unexpected animation.  It was a joy to bring these animations to life, we will show them in our portfolio with pride.

Yifinite: Representing Yifinite’s “voice” for the first time in the market, the films helped us convey the tonality of the brand on a visual level.  We’ve received positive feedback, both on the films and the brand concept, which is a result of Final Frontier’s extraordinary creative work and professionalism. Collaborating with the team has been a pleasure and we’re looking forward to pursuing future projects with them.

Claus Cibils:  As creators, we find ourselves in many situations where our craft tends to serve more toward the brand or the creativity. This campaign is the perfect launch for Yinfinte, three films that play with an elegant balance between art, product, movement, minimalism, and flawless high-def 3D, creating a stunning visual branded experience. 


  • Client: Yifinite
  • Production company: Final Frontier
  • Executive production: Chris Colman, Gus Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski
  • Executive creative director: Claus Cibils
  • Lead producer: Eric Zheng, Ella Wang
  • Creative coordinator: Agus Kröl
  • Studio: Serial Cut
  • Creative direction: Sergio del Puerto 
  • Art direction: Nono Palacios, Sam Seoane, Mike Fernández, José Medina 
  • Animation: Craig Minchington, Jon Gallo
  • Simulations: Jay Tee, Juan Segura
  • Project manager: Susana Bilbao 
  • Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece