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FF animated coming of age story for Ciclope Festival

July 14th 2020

The 80’s and the 90’s might be remembered as the nostalgic quote unquote simpler time of Super Nintendo, b-ball and fresh kicks, but in fact they were oh so much more. When we think about it, it’s those iconic generations that brought us to our current artistic and creative market, one of applied artistic skills and ideas, of different styles and paths in life. Our world has never been bigger and we can thank the adventurous “creative industry generation” of the 80’s and 90’s for that.

Inspired by this journey, Le Cube and Final Frontier brings us their new film created as opening titles for the equally cool Ciclope Festival. The event took place in Berlin in November 5 & 6 and Le Cube had the double honor of being chosen Animation Company of the Year by the festival’s jury.

The film talks about growing up as part of that generation, something of a coming of age story of us all, translated into relatable characters that are perfect to project our own collective past — specially if you had the pleasure of growing up skateboarding, barely able to wait for the time to get your first tattoo and marking art in any shape of form.

And the moral of this story is simple, like the ending of a good Saturday morning cartoon: our stories shape who we are, just like we shape the life we wanna live.