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Silk Gallery Presents “Play Away”, an exhibition by Kelly Anna

January 12th 2024

Silk Gallery hosted "Play Away," an exhibition by artist Kelly Anna, an ode to the vital role that play serves in each of our self-discovery journeys.

In an era dominated by polished digital personas, "Play Away" champions authentic self-expression. Kelly Anna's art simultaneously explores curiosity, disorder, and unbridled creativity, while her highly distinctive silhouetted figures, strong and alive, manifest in multiple formats to celebrate the creative force within us all.  

For "Play Away, " we invited guests to ignite their playful spirit and embark on a journey of joy and curiosity, to step beyond the ordinary, embrace life's challenges, and,  through bold and continuous exploration, uncover profound self-understanding.

Kelly Anna is an artist and designer based in London, with recurring themes in her work around sports, movement, and wellness. She spent her early years as a dancer and gymnast before studying Fashion Illustration and print design for apparel and footwear. Since then, she has embarked on a remarkable career, designing trainers, curating exhibitions, painting huge murals, and even an entire football pitch. Client collaborations have included BMW, Penguin, NFL, designing two collections with Nike, and having her prints worn by the likes of Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Kelly has also made presentations and talks at 18 of the world's most influential art and design festivals.

Huge thanks to Kelly Anna for sharing her incredible talent in our space in Madrid. We're honored to be able to shine a spotlight on exceptional artists from all over the world and give more people the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful work. And, of course, we're super grateful to everyone who joined us at the show. These kind of nights add even more magic and meaning to our craft.