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vivo S17 - White Jade

June 21st 2023

vivo came to us seeking a visual-poetry-meets-tech launch film to showcase their new S17 device. Collaborating with CG studio Playful, the goal for the 45” piece was to highlight the distinctive features and design of the sophisticated white jade exterior phone.

Working around three conceptual pillars — Technology, Humanity & Premium — the high-end 3D visuals are modern, young, and tactile, carefully crafted to evoke the energy and feel of the White Jade, a precious stone with extraordinary textures that adorn the vivo S17 case.

It took time to explore, hone in on the client’s vision, and develop an approach that would live up to it. With a wide array of ultra-complex renderings and meticulous details in every animated second, the result is a visually stunning and technically superb film with countless special moments popping up at each viewing. 


Client: vivo
Production: Final Frontier
Direction & Production: Playful
Creative Director: Pablo Alfieri
Executive Producer: Agustina Santkovsky
CGI artists: Alex Levinton, Juan Coria, Gonzala Miranda, Macs Riedel, Nacho Velazco, Thais Altes, Sergio Damonte, Jordi Cerda
Post: Matias Mastrogiano
Music: Facu Capece