July 15th 2019

For this beautiful project our directors Tendril were invited to design and create two films showcasing the key features and benefits of VIZIOʼs P-Series X Quantum and Dolby Atmos product lines. 

The goal was to define a visual thread for each of the films that could be used as a transition device to and from a series of gorgeous product renderings and artful technical demos. The minimal environments were designed to echo the material quality and palettes of each of the devices. 

"VIZIO's products have a beautifully crisp, minimalist aesthetic, yet at the same time are engineered to provide mind-bending sensory immersion. This elegant duality provided us with the emotional soul of these films -- an almost psychedelic audiovisual tableau set against a perfect backdrop of slate and chrome" - Chris Bahry (Creative Director / Tendril Co-founder). 


For Atmos, the key creative challenge was to find a unique and beautiful way to visualize sound propagating through space. The speakers within the Atmos system are designed to reflect and focus sound to maximize sensory immersion. 

At an early stage, we imagined that the environment might be largely invisible, and revealed only when pulses of sound passed over its surfaces. We experimented with vibrating strings and strands flowing through and wrapping surfaces in space. 

PX Quantum

In the case of PX Quantum, we found the inspiration we were looking for in the underlying technology. The panels contain billions of nanometre size semiconductor particles called quantum dots that have some very interesting optical and electronic properties. We imagined these particles activated and illuminated by light, congealing and swirling together to form images on the surface of the display. 

Stills from ATMOS: