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Zhiben - Night Cream & Mask

January 16th 2024

Zhiben approached us once again to showcase their “Night Cream & Mask” products, focused on repairing and balancing oily skin throughout the night. 

The client wanted to explore a fresh visual language, while keeping the signature ZHIBEN elegance.  They were excited about the concept of ‘sacred’, inspired by spiritual iconography, specifically divine light creating a sense of awe.

To direct, we brought in the design prowess of FRAME, following two beautiful previous collaborations with ZHIBEN and the Nordic studio.

FRAME creative director, Andreas Ibsen shared a few thoughts on the project:

“Our vision was to craft a film centered around the theme of holiness, yet distinctly separate from religious connotations. We aimed to convey a sense of elevation, and to some extent, a blissful carelessness. The goal was to create an experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting the audience into a realm of serene and sublime existence.

“One of the most challenging aspects was maintaining the delicate balance of the theme, ensuring it did not allude to any specific spiritual orientation. This necessitated engaging in numerous enriching discussions on how to depict 'holiness' in a universally relevant and respectful manner. The endeavor was to encapsulate a sense of sacredness that resonated with diverse perspectives.”

“The final product is a film that strikes a harmonious balance between being succinct and contemplative. Inspired by the interplay of night and day, the lighting design played a pivotal role, culminating in a 'rise and shine' motif. This not only aesthetically enriched the film but also created a visual synergy with the 'holy' theme. The end result is a film that not only aligns with our original vision but also offers a visually and emotionally compelling experience.”

Making-Of Breakdown

We’ve been working in partnership with ZHIBEN since 2020, helping the brand to develop its sophisticated visual language through multiple product films. 


Client: ZHIBEN
Production Company: Final Frontier
Direction, Design, Animation: FRAME
Executive Creative Director: Claus Cibils
Executive Producer: Chris Colman, Gus Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski, Eric Zheng
Project Manager: Phoenix Xue
Head of Production: Mary Antonieta Lopez
Creative Team: Natalia Fernandez, Simin Gao, Agustina Kröl, Sid Osna
Music & Sound Design: Facu Capece